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Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and The Open University of Hong Kong with a higher education background in both communication studies and marketing, Kenny puts himself on the map of brand planning by utilising his extensive experience in management, training, and strategic branding. He founded Noir Creative / Noir Plus in response to the increasing need for integrated strategic thinking and global branding seen among many Hong Kong and Chinese brands, providing valuable insights into consumer behaviour to help each brand establish a marketing plan that actually works. His fun-loving nature and remarkable creativity always inject a dose of novelty into the entire customer experience. He investment projects include restaurants: Saturday Morning, Wai Wai Wai, Tai Cha Fan, Hiya! Chafan, Cha Fan Go, Cha Fan, See You; Massage shop: Shh massage and spa; Fashion brand: Jdebomb, N More; Media platform: Brainstrong Company Ltd.

 Every brand evolves over time to adapt to the rapidly changing business climate. He believes that identifying what sets a brand apart from its competitors and then translating it into its brand message and products will not only strengthen the brand’s identity, but will also help the brand successfully navigate through the changing markets and effectively communicating its brand values.


Ian Chan is a multi-talented artist known for his good looks, unique voice, style and acting. And if that’s not enough to leave you mesmerised yet, there’s more than meets the eye to this Mirror member. Ian is also extremely good at sports, and has been an outstanding volleyball player since his secondary days. So, it came as no surprise when he was chosen to be the main lead of the popular sports drama We are the Littles by ViuTV, showing off his well-honed volleyball playing skills and great acting techniques throughout, despite being a rookie actor.

As one of the lead vocalists of Mirror, Ian is also consistently praised for his stable live vocals. Fans are always impressed by not only his excellent performances with the group, but also his work as a solo artist and prolific songwriter, Ian has been delivering a range of hit tracks including Another Nobel (另一個諾貝爾), Officially Begin (正式開始) and DWBF etc......