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Sitting on a spray paint, with the body of a known Mouse and the face of the BUST throw up, wearing a hat that is borrowed from a friendly Duck you might know, Mr.Pop is positioned as if he is lost in thought. The character was created in 2016 and became a companion of BustArt ever since.The pose of Mr.Pop has similarities with the pose of the thinker by Auguste Rodin, this is why this character had the name ‘The Thinker’ at first which then changed to the name Mr.Pop. Mr.Pop was created in the time when BustArt had to make the decision to either go back to his regular job or all in to achieve his dream of doing art full time. Happily the art won. The curvaceous pop-up face of Mr.Pop is the signature element in BustArt’s work that represents him. The shape of the face originated from the Bust Throw up, a quick graffiti painting existing on bubble letters. It is one of the forms of tagging, a stylized personal signature in the graffiti world. BustArt used the same shape for the throw up to create the face of his characters.